Employment Postings

Employment Postings (Jobs)

Certified Staff- Lafayette School Corporation/G.L.A.S.S.

Classified Jobs (non-teacher positions) – Lafayette School Corporation/G.L.A.S.S.

Marital status, race, creed, religion, color, sex, age, political affiliation, handicapping conditions, or national origin including limited English proficiency shall not be made a condition of employment, retention, or advancement in employment in the Lafayette School Corporation/G.L.A.S.S.

Thank you for your interest in working with children.  Please do not post comments or questions here.  This is not monitored regularly.  Please call the G.L.A.S.S. office for additional information 765-771-6006.

12 thoughts on “Employment Postings

  1. I currently work for Indiana Mentor Would be interested in your area of work Thank you!

  2. I work for LSC already. I’m a food hostess but world really love to work as a para or aid in a class room.

  3. Scaled score of a 474 on the ParaPro Assessment 25/25 on the Reading section and 19/25 on Writing and Mathematics sections

  4. I have worked at Ind. Mentor for 13 years I retired. I would be interested in part time work with your company. I truly enjoyed working with my clients.I think I would fit in well with you guys. I was a lead at one time then went to a DSC. Looking forward to hearing from you. Beverly Gibson 765-430-7305. Thank You!

  5. I am interested in becoming a food hostess or a class room aide for special needs children. I worked for Hiatt (glass) many years ago when your director was Mr. Paul Lane. Mr. Curtis from morton school the principal of Morton school recommended me. I would like to work at (glass) again.Thank you. Nancy Martin. 765 449 4752. Laf Ind 47904

  6. I am interested in working as an aide in the classroom with special needs children. I worked as an aide several years ago under Mr Paul Lane at Hiatt.I really enjoyed helping the younger children . would like to work part time in school setting again with a class room teacher helping with daily classroom needs. Thank you. Nancy Martin pH #765 449 4752 .laf Ind 47904.

  7. I graduated at Purdue University last May with Master of Science In Special Education. I’m interested in working with student with disabilities.

  8. I currently work at New Community School as a paraprofessional. In the last decade I’ve worked in group homes, waiver sites, CARS and a Home Health Aide. I’m seeking employment elsewhere and have interest in working with you!

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