Corporation Calendars and Cooperative School Districts

The Greater Lafayette Area Special Services provides special education services and support to these school corporations:

LSC                  TSC                       WL

LSC Calendar 2017-18       TSC Calendar 2017-18      WLCSC Calendar 2017-18

LSC Calendar 2018-19      TSC Calendar 2018-19       WLCSC Calendar 2018-19

LSC School Events             TSC School Events             WLCSC School Events

Schedules (Bell, Daily, Block Schedule, Activity Period):


Jeff High School

Harrison HS Bell Schedule

McCutcheon HS Daily Schedule

WLJSH Bell Schedule and 2-Hour Delay Schedule


Battle Ground MS Bell Schedules

East Tipp MS Bell Schedule

Happy Hollow Bell Schedule

Klondike MS Daily Schedule

Klondike MS 2-Hour Delay

Southwestern MS Bell Schedule

Sunnyside Intermediate 5th Grade Bell Schedule

Sunnyside Intermediate 5th gr 2-Hour Delay

Sunnyside Intermediate 6th Grade Bell Schedule

Sunnyside Intermediate 6th gr 2-Hour Delay

Tecumseh Junior High Daily Schedule

Wainwright MS Bell Schedule

Wea Ridge MS Bell Schedule